This page is still being developed and will have a bit of info about everyone on our team.  For now, here are some of the people who have had their hands in the FOXSI project.

FOXSI is very much a collaboration, with major pieces of the instrument coming from UC Berkeley, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and Goddard Space Flight Center, and the Institute for Space and Astronautical Science in Japan.

FOXSI-2 Experiment Team:

Science team:

  • Säm Krucker, Principle Investigator [Berkeley]
  • Steven Christe, Project Scientist [Goddard]
  • Lindsay Glesener, Project Manager [Berkeley]
  • Milo Buitrago Casas [Berkeley]
  • Shinnosuke Ishikawa [National Astronomical Observatory of Japan]

Berkeley Engineering:

  • Paul Turin [Lead Mechanical]
  • Van Shourt [Mechanical]
  • Jane Hoberman [Electrical]

Optics development at NASA/Marshall:

  • Brian Ramsey
  • Misha Gubarev

Detector development at JAXA/ISAS:

  • Prof. Tadayuki Takahashi
  • Prof. Shin Watanabe

Undergraduate Student:

  • Natalie Foster [Univ. of Florida]

And let’s not forget the other folks who put their hard work into FOXSI-1:

  • Steve McBride [Lead electrical engineer]
  • David Glaser [Mechanical engineer]
  • José Fermin [Mechanical engineer]
  • Shinya Saito [Detector development]