FOXSI flight completed, with success!

FOXSI launched right on time, at 12:11 MST.  During the observation time we observed at least a few solar sources, most likely active regions (as expected).  We also had minutes of observation on the quiet Sun to look for nanoflares.  The observation was tense, but fruitful!  Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this a success!

FOXSI will fly on Thursday

The original launch date of December 9, 2014 (yesterday) has been moved to Thursday, December 11 due to high winds on the 9th.  The wind reports are looking good for tomorrow, so we are GO FOR LAUNCH!

Nominal launch time will be 19:11 UTC — that’s 12:11 local (MST).  For those of you in California, that’s 11:11 am.

FOXSI-2 launch